10 Innocent Things You Do Every Day That’s Giving You Wrinkles

Every day, you stare at the mirror and admire your glowing, supple skin. Guys, in case you didn’t know, that’s part of the reason why it takes ladies more than half an hour to get ready.

We like to cover our flaws – skin blemishes, discolorations, pimples, dark spots and yes, wrinkles too. It’s really annoying when the first wrinkle pops up. It’s as if it just came out of the blue on your face one day and said hi, and all you want to do is shoo it away!

Here are 10 things you might be unknowingly doing that’s actually causing more and more wrinkles to pop up and say hello.

Stop these things, and you’ll have lesser wrinkles to deal with!

You Sip On Your Drink With a Straw
Sounds like a natural thing to do, but dig this – the motion of you pursing your lips together to get hydrated can actually accelerate the appearance of fine lines at the brims of your mouth. Stay away, and drink your beverages the good old way!

You Sleep on Your Side/Stomach
If your face gets into contact with the pillow, the compression that happens causes the wrinkles on your nose, eyes and mouth too. On top of that, all your expensive night creams with their anti-aging features are getting rubbed off too!

Squinting Your Eyes
Making extra moves around your eyes – raising your eyebrow like the Rock or squinting does actually cause the muscles in those areas to contract. The end result – skin wrinkles.

Too Much of the Sun
Sure, it’s been damn hot these days, but if you skimp on your sunscreen, your skin will have to pay for it. Why, even sitting next to a window can cause you some damage, and in the long term, wrinkly skin.

Your Sugary Tongue
Too much of sugar in your system will age you, as it does effect the hormones in your body. You’re harming the elastin and collagen fibres in your body.

You Don’t Take Care of Your Skin
Always do the bare minimum of skincare at the very least – cleansing, exfoliation, toning and finally, moisturize.

You Rub Your Eyes
Please, just stop this already. Unless you want crow feet lah.

Not Eating Proper Food
Ya la, eating Twisties and fried chicken all the time helps wrinkles thrive, coz your skin needs the good stuff to keep itself bouncy and supple.

Proper Sleep
There’s no way you’re going to look as good as Sleeping Beauty if you’re going to binge-watch programs until 1am every night, and then latch onto your phone.

Don’t Puff, Either
Smoking’s one of the top causes for skin-aging conditions. We’re talking saggy chins, eye bags, and yes, let’s not forget the bad boy for today – wrinkles!

So, are you going to change the way you do things today, or will you let your skin get wrinkles, and then before you know it, you’ve got turtle neck too?

Featured Image : dc-dermdocs.com